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An Exploration of Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras and Yoga Philosophy with Steve Rubin

  • Project 7 Yoga 612 Virginia Drive Orlando, FL, 32803 United States (map)
  • Part 1: Saturday September 28th 1:30pm – 3pm

  • Part 2: Sunday September 29th 1:30pm – 3pm

  • $25 Each Session or $40 Both Sessions

  • Attendance to Part 1 is not required to attend only Part 2, but encouraged.  

In this philosophy workshop, we will explore some of the central sections of Patanjali’s famous Yoga Sutra. The focus will include: general understanding and introduction to the background of the text and its author, the great Patanjali, exploration of some of the central parts of the text in-depth from the first 2 Padas (chapters), gaining view of the Sutras in terms of our yoga practice and every-day life and development, and some simple chanting of the sutras themselves, a traditional element of study, entering into the vibratory sound or mystical, non-intellectual plane of the text.


We will also discuss and familiarize ourselves with some basic terms and concepts of Yoga philosophy not always explicitly mentioned in the text but vital for its correct understanding.

This workshop does not require any previous knowledge of the subject. A simple handout will be given, though please feel free to bring your copy of Yoga Sutras with you if you have one. Any edition is fine, even better if it includes the transliteration of the Sanskrit text.


Steve has had the good fortune to study the Yoga Sutras at significant length with some extremely well learned teachers and practitioners including: his main teacher Paul Dallaghan and his teacher Sri OP Tiwariji of Kaivalyadhama, Dr. Jayashree & Sri Narasimhan from Mysore, India, Vidwan H.V. Nagaraja Rao also from Mysore, and a few other Sanskrit scholars and Yogis.