Meet Your Trainers

Mary Brown

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Mary's interest in yoga began in 2004 while attending the University of Central Florida. Mary noticed the physical and mental benefits of yoga quickly and began regularly attending classes at the university gym. Moving beyond the college years, Mary practiced yoga in studios and discovered Ashtanga yoga as an empowered method that built confidence and patience in her personal practice. Although Mary enjoyed Ashtanga, the variety of Vinyasa and Hatha Yoga better met the changing needs of each day's yoga practice.

Since then, Mary has taken over 300 hours of training focused on alignment yoga. Mary earned her RYT 200 certificate studying under MyLinda Morales, Director of Training at the Yoga University of Florida. Mary's goal is to help each person find harmony and happiness through the yoga practice that best suits the individuals' needs. Expect a class led by Mary to be grounding through meditation, challenging through physical movement and rewarding through conscious effort.

Mary has received training in person from each of the following amazing teachers:

  • Bryan Kest, Creator of Power Yoga

  • Joe Barnett, Yin Yoga Senior Teacher

  • Katie Wise & Kirsten Warner, Creators of Yo Mama Prenatal Yoga & Mommy-and-Me Program

  • Nischala Joy Devi, Author of "The Secret Power of Yoga"

  • Paul Dallaghan, Yoga & Pranayama

  • Grace Morales, Yoga Adjustments & Assists

Steve Rubin


Steve Rubin’s first step on the path of yoga began in 2001, like many 22 year old Americans at that time, in the gym, starting with the physical body and asana (posture) practice. After some time exploring and learning to manage the breath better, he was drawn to spend most of his effort learning through the Ashtanga Vinyasa method. Jumping right in (or through) with both feet, his passionate interest, study, lifestyle changes, and steady growth in yoga has literally taken him all over the world (India, Thailand, Israel, Suriname, and throughout some major cities in the US) in both study and then later teaching capacities.

His main teacher Paul Dallaghan, he met in 2006 on his first of 7 trips to Asia totaling 22 months of focused study and self discovery. Steve utilized the vast majority of those months under Paul’s direct guidance, and with Paul’s two main teachers: the late Sri K Pattabhi Jois (and grandson Sharath) in Mysore India studying Ashtanga Vinyasa at the source, and with Sri O P Tiwari, head of the Kaivalyadhama Yoga Institute in Lonavala India, one of the most recognized and accomplished masters of classical yoga, Pranayama, its practice and meaning.

Continuing to study under Paul and Tiwariji, he’s also spent significant time with a variety of senior certified Ashtanga teachers, participated in a vast amount of workshops with well known teachers of varying approaches, had transformative experience living on a couple ashrams in India for several months, studies philosophy, human anatomy, and the human condition.

Of greatest importance, Steve maintains a sincere and dedicated daily yoga practice of pranayama, asana, and meditation as directed by his teachers, whom he continues to spend time with at least annually. He feels incredibly blessed and grateful to be able to share as he has the good fortune to learn under their close guidance, and continues his rewarding effort in this path and goal which is yoga.