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Attendance Policy • 180 hours must be spent in person with the trainer. • Required hours must be completed before receiving certification. • Make up hours are offered on a case-by-case basis and may be subject to a fee. • Non-life threatening illnesses of family members or friends do not constitute an emergency. • Scheduled vacations or other voluntary life-events are not excused absences. Payment Policy • Trainee is responsible to pay in full or enroll in payment program by the first day of training. • Teacher Training Deposit and all paid fees are non-refundable. Training Completion Policy • Agreement to these training policies does not guarantee receipt of certificate. To graduate, a student must satisfactorily complete all requirements, attendance, and successfully complete exams and homework before graduation. • Students who are not meeting the standards of practical experience will be notified and given opportunity to explore means for improvement. • Grading criteria includes: class participation, attendance, timely completion and quality of at-home assignments, and successful grades on in-person exams. • Graduating final includes, but is not limited to: the submission of a written class sequence, written exam, oral exam and one hour practical. • Students will not be awarded a completion certificate until all of the above criteria have been met. • Your certification as a yoga teacher does not make you an employee of Project 7 Yoga. General Training Policy • Trainee will read and sign necessary waivers of liability and model release before engaging in practice or training at studio. • Trainee will hold the studio harmless for any loss of property, injury or death while practicing or training at studio. • Trainee agrees to not open a yoga school or other related facility within 5 (five) miles of Project 7 Yoga LLC unless separately agreed to in writing by Project 7 Yoga. • Trainee understands Project 7 Yoga copyrights all training materials.
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